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Gulf War Syndrome = Microwave Targeting?

Is it a coincidence that the "Gulf War Syndrome"
symptoms mimic that of microwave targeting?

  As I sat in a service station, waiting for my car to be checked for inspection, I picked up a magazine and found that the Sept 2014 issue of "Discover Magazine" contained an article by Florence Williams entitled, "An Invisible Enemy," which explains that "between 170,000 - 250,000 veterans," who served in the Gulf War, experienced unexplainable symptoms, which included head aches, joint pain, memory problems, extreme fatigue, difficulty focusing, gastric distress and respiratory disorders. An article in "USA Today" added in the symptoms of "sun sensitivity," "neurological problems" and "swollen bleeding gums"...etc.
   Williams stated that among the veterans who were injured was Carolyn Kroot, and that, "Like many other Gulf war veterans with similar symptoms, Kroot was told that her problems were due to mental stress and best treated with an antidepressant."
   Even after being told that she suffered from a mental disorder, and after it was proven to be brain damage twenty years later, Carolyn still yearns to understand the true cause. The article wrote that Carolyn said, "There is something here, a reason why these things are wrong with my body," she says, "I have some hope that there may be a way to treat it someday." This deeply touched my heart and raised pains of my own suffering and hoping.

   I wonder if Gulf War Syndrome is really radiation illness caused by microwave targeting, because I've experienced YEARS of the same types of symptoms. I also had two mild seizures by the year 2002. From around 1999 through 2005 I had spent thousands of dollars on medical tests that showed nothing wrong with me and this was worse than frustrating. The worst of my obvious physical symptoms consistently existed through 2005 and 2006 and also included body bloating, unusual hair loss and episodes of dizziness and ringing in my ears. There was obviously something wrong, but no one could or would tell me what it was.

   I deeply related to Carolyn's yearn for the truth that can offer a solution - a possible end to the suffering. Knowing that something is horribly wrong, and not understanding what it is can be more disconcerting than the actual symptoms, because it leaves us with no possible way to even try to correct the problem - it leaves us feeling trapped in a mystery that offers no avenue for treatment and no possibility of recovery.

   In 2006 I was told, by the people who target me, that I had lupus, but I kept feeling that something else was wrong - that there was more to it than that. During an episode of OBVIOUS neurological problems a doctor had tried to call it depression and gave me a prescription for antidepressants, which I never took, because I knew it was not that. (There is something horribly wrong with the push for antidepressants, even for obvious physical illness!)
   It wasn't until 2011 when I finally began realizing that I am a victim of microwave targeting. Some levels of the radiation suddenly stopped shortly after I figured it out. . . probably to hide the crime. Although the targeting then vamped up in other ways, finding out the truth was a HUGE relief for me, because knowing what I am up against opened doors to things I can do about it. I now know what to seek help for, although help is not yet here for victims of microwave targeting. But because help and protection is not here for me I strive to bring public awareness to this crisis with the hope that it will help bring an end to criminal use of microwave weapons, which extends far beyond inflictions of the types of physical illness mentioned in this article. (My website for this purpose is www.targetedinamerica.com)

   The possible microwave targeting of "between 170,000 - 250,000 veterans," raises more concern than that for their safety and destroyed lives, although this is certainly more than enough to trigger the tears that are welling in my heart. It is my understanding that these forms of microwave targeting/torturing are done in the brainwashing and recruiting process for the covert program, which appears to be performing a take over of the USA while targeting us.
  Since I read the initial article, my heart has been filled with concern and questions. How many of the inflicted Gulf War veterans took the antidepressants, which merely aid the mind control process? How many refused to take them and are surrounded by families who are not being allowed to understand or care or support them? How many are now homeless and struggling to just survive? How many have been shoved into institutions under a false "mental illness" diagnosis? How many still suffer through tortures that no human being should have to continue experiencing in a world that already has the answers and cures? And how many have been forcefully or deceitfully recruited into covert operations that are destroying our freedom? Its horrible to even think that our veterans would be used as puppets against their own country and fellow citizens. But its not at all unrealistic. I have noticed MANY veterans involved in the covert targeting of me. And this is horribly sad for ALL of us.

   When I first read about the "Gulf War Syndrome," I deeply felt for the victims, because I understand, first hand, what its like to be so obviously physically ill and spend YEARS of wondering and worrying and searching for answers that were VERY difficult to find. . .and remain unacknowledged by medical and government professionals.
    I want to think that perhaps those who are in charge of informing the public have not been aware of the different types of microwave targeting? Perhaps they have valid reasons for keeping it under wraps, if they are aware? Perhaps they do not realize how difficult it is for victims to deal with?
  Whether the "Gulf War Syndrome" is caused by microwaves or not, I hope this article helps government officials to realize how difficult the mystery is for victims of microwave targeting. We suffer in ways that no human being should have to continue suffering. . .and that suffering extends into the hearts of our loved ones who are not being allowed a chance to understand what is happening to us. We desperately need all levels of the targeting to be exposed and stopped.

P.S. If the Gulf War Syndrome is really microwave targeting, (and I feel that it probably is) it could offer hope for other Targeted Individuals. The article in "USA Today" said, "Using fMRI machines, the Georgetown University researchers were able to" find physical brain damage. Do certain types of microwave targeting cause testable brain damage? According to Tim (Turan) Rifat the microwaving causes certain types of cell structure damage that can be detected with proper medical testing. But the big question is. . .when will anyone honestly test us and protect us from further harm?

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