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Previously Published Issues

I owe a HUGE appology to my advertisers, in some of the publications below,
whom I had promised full unstopping exposure and links to them on this site.
Due to them and I being targeted I feel that it is best to just tuck them
below until I can figure out what to do about this horrible situation.

Intro to Fifth Printing;
Fourth 2013 Printing;
Third 2013 Printing;
Second 2011 Printing;
First 2010 Printing; Heart Bud 11.11.2010.pdf
The Heart Bud - Special Edition for citizens of the world;
Condensed 4 page Special Edition...;
2008 printing of Sharon's Bud;'s Bud 2nd Printing.pdf"
2007 printing of Sharon's Bud;'s Bud 1st Printing.pdf

All of these publications grew from my "Embracing Feelings" book, which was
finished in 1999, destroyed in a fire in 2001, and later became, "Embracing Sadness"

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