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May 27, 2016; A Sad Waste
    Sometimes, when I look back over the years and into the targeting's effect on some of the older parts of my work, I feel like its all wasted, all ruined and not worth a thing. (Much of it does not apply to the targeting situation.) And targets like me, naturally launch into misplacing blame - when we are not aware of being targeted we blame only those who are obviously acting out because we are not aware of the manipulations and technological mind control. My old writings have a lot of this in them. (This theme ran strong in my "Personal Journal" and "Into the Light" publications.) I feel deeply sad about this, although it makes them a good example of what a heavy target goes through or is manipulated into.
    I had worked so hard and had a grand dream and mission and it now feels destroyed - like it was all just a sad waste. But this makes me yearn for my freedom even more, because time is still wasting and there's already too much to heal and too much to fix and too much to explain and too much to make up for. . .and I can not effectively do any of it while being targeted.
    When I was not aware of the targeting, and its sabotaging of my life and work I searched for the "Higher Purpose" to what I was experiencing. I didn't find it, because there was none. There is no "Higher Purpose" to intentional man-made inflictions/crimes. But good can come from bad things. And a good thing may be that, since I have become aware, I've been able to help expose the types of targeting that Iíve been experiencing.

The God of pure Love and Light
Does not inflict illness and pain.
I hope everyone finds the Truth
Until freedom has been regained.

April, 23 2016: Sorry this page is a bit messed up due to my being targeted. Please read important information about the targeting on. . .


March, 25 2015: Newly Revised Heart Bud Paper:


The Heart Bud Book by Sharon R. Poet

    This little book touches the personal core of global issues and is a dedication to the Heart of humanity through the difficult times we face in our troubled world. I hope it touches your Heart and helps to set humanity free. New Third edition;

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Previous Edition; www.heartbud.com/bookhb2.pdf

Nov 2014: Plea for Help:
It appears that my advertisers are really being targeted and that the chains of mishaps are not entirely coincidental! Due to this I am forced to rely on monetary gifts, instead of advertisers (who can be targeted) and more costly distribution methods. . .and am in need of help for my own personal survival as well. Please let your heart send what you can. Thank You.

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Bo 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Please also help through printing and sharing the Heart Bud;

Intro to the Fifth Printing

Condensed Special Edition for Citizens of the World

Introducing the Heart Bud Book;

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March 14, 2014: Please print and share this special edition of the Heart Bud

Condensed 8 page Special Edition for Citizens of the World

This is a shortened issue that can be printed for less and reach more people. Please help in this process of bringing public awareness to the criminal targeting of humanity and the need for us to listen to our own hearts above ALL else. Please help with the printing and distribution through either doing it yourself or sending donations to

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Thank you.

March 11, 2014: Coming someday - the Heart Bud book:

March 11, 2014: A more complete version of The Personal Journals:

The Heart Buds grew from the Personal Journal. All of my writings have been tampered with by those who target me. But this is the most complete version of the Personal Journals I can produce without retyping the actual bookletts or getting copies from the copyright office in Washington.

The Personal Journals free pdf; www.poeticpublications.com/booktpj7web.pdf
(Soon to be available on Amazon)

February 24, 2014: Information about the fifth Heart Bud printing:

This Spring issue of the Heart Bud will be a continuation of the previous one.

Download an introduction to it
(This download had been altered, but was replaced yesterday)

Note to advertisers; I am experiencing some criminal targeting and need your help. It appears that some of my past advertisers have also been targeted in various ways. The types of targetings that most advertisers appear to experience are microwave (radio wave) brainwashing or being told slanderous rumors against me. If you feel, at any point, that you are being targeted for supporting my publication, you can help expose and stop these crimes through reporting it to the FBI or other law enforcement agency. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I understand that you may pull away, after reading of this targeting issue, but I hope you will do the opposite. Because I am being targeted your help is needed more than ever. And the Heart Bud is aiming to help free ALL OF US from future targetings. If you can not place an ad, please let your heart help through sending a donation to. . .

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

Get more information on www.targetedinamerica.com

January 21, 2014: Download the Intro to the Fifth Printing:


Freely Download Updated Important Book
(previous link; www.heartbud.com/tiaweb.pdf)

January 11, 2014: Misprint in the last two printings of the Heart Bud:
The date on page 5, in the following phrase, was supposed to read 2008 instead of "the 1980s." "According to experts the mind control parts of Microwave Weapons are most successful on people who are taking mood altering drugs, like anti-depressants. (I have witnessed the Truth in this.) In the 1980s," (should be 2008) "news reports stated that these sorts of drugs were being found in around 24 public water supplies in the USA."

Here is a revised copy of the fourth Heart Bud printing:
(This paper may undergo more improvements)

Due to interference this download, as well as others, will
sometimes only download on the second try, so please keep trying.

You are welcome to download it, print it, and make copies if you'd
like to share them with people whom I am not delivering them to.

January 6, 2014: Preliminary copies of the fourth issue of the Heart Bud were published on the web on December 27, 2013. Hard copies are lined up for printing on January 7th 2014, although they may be delayed. This one is basically the same as the April 2013 printing, except for a bit of editing and more of my experience with Lupus and a "letter to humanity." Like last time, I felt a need to rush to print due to threats and vamped up targeting, so please excuse my mistakes.

Dates on files are still being changed in my computer. At one point my work was wiped out due to a "corrupt file" but I had made backups. After posting it on the web I had made copies of my web pages. . .and now the page it was posted on has vanished! The printer is questioning me about the "December" date on the printing. Access to my blog was blocked from December 12th 2013 to January 1st 2014, while I was working on the Heart Bud. I am not sure what this is all about but its a bit strange, especially since my posting it on the web was followed by harassment from someone who appeared to be jealously accusing me of wanting recognition or credit for something. I have no idea what this is about or what their issue is. But the messages came through puppets of those who are targeting me. (original copies of www.targetedinamerica.com/infopaper.pdf paper were also recently erased from my computer) The good news is that I have other forms of proof that I posted when I did, although I do not yet know what I may or may not need it for. I pray that those who do this find their Hearts and leave my writings and I alone.

Download the printed version of fourth Heart Bud

April 29, 2013: The previously posted Heart Bud was the one that had been saved prior to last minute changes being made before printing. Here is a copy of the actual one that was printed: www.heartbud.com/PrintedHB3.pdf

I am sorry that it is not all that it could have been if I'd not been being so heavily targeted through the process. The fourth printing hopes to spread its wings a bit higher. Please help it to do so. 5,000 copies of this issue were printed. Around 3,000 are being distributed in the Milford, Wilton Amherst area and the rest are being distributed in other areas in an effort to reach as many people as possible.

Your monetary contributions can help the
next issue to spread its wings even further.
Please help the Heart Bud to help humanity.

Poetic Publications (Heart Bud)
PO Bo 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

April 22, 2013: Here is the Free Download of the Heart Bud just before final changes and printing; HBthree2013.pdf

April 7, 2013: The Heart Bud is in need of sponsorship as quickly as possible. I am being heavily targeted and I can not do this alone. Please help the Heart Bud reach the public as we expose the most difficult reality that humanity may ever have to face. Donations sent through paypal or the following address will be deeply appreciated.

Poetic Publications
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

March 10, 2013: Another issue of the Heart Bud is aiming to be printed and distributed this Spring. The next issue will include improved previous information as well as articles which help to expose the criminal use of microwave weapons and mind control technologies, which are harming unaware people. See more on www.targetedinamerica.com

March 2013: Future issues of the Heart Bud plan to be in a newspaper format, which will enable more printings and more exposure for advertisers. (Approximate size will be 11"x13")

Please see new advertising prices, which include a short term special on business card ads.

August 2012: As I aim to produce this fall's issue of the Heart Bud, I am being targeted so heavily, that it appears impossible at this time! However I've produced this 8 page publication,(www.heartbud.com/The Heart Bud 3.pdf) which roughly touches on a holocaustal situation that we all need to become aware of. Though this paper appears to have been altered as I uploaded it, it gives the general idea and more info can be found on www.targetedinamerica.com. Please help spread the word.

February 29, 2012: Last summer I began more fully realizing that the magnitudes of difficulties in my life, through the past couple decades, are because I am a "Targeted Individual" - a victim of organized crime - crimes that freely continue due to not being exposed and stopped. As I face and publicize this my emails, blog, phones...etc., are being tampered with more than ever! I am doing the best I can to continue my work, although jobs I aim for, in order to support my publications, keep being sabotaged. If you need to reach me please keep on trying.

June, 11, 2011: The second printing of The Heart Bud is now available, thanks be to the businesses who supported it through paid advertising. Approximately 3,000 copies are blossoming into West Manchester, with spillovers into the Goffstown/Bedford areas.

Until "The Heart Bud" attains enough sponsorship to cover all its own costs and reach its initial goals, it will most likely not be able to print anymore free ads, or add a section for other people's writings, but it hopes to follow through on offering these benefits soon. I'm sorry. I don't want this to be about money, but unfortunately without it, "The Heart Bud" can not exist.

If you have a story, which can help people through tough times or help make our world a better place to live in, and can contribute to the cost of printing it, it will surely be considered. But please remember that this isn't about recognition - its about REALLY wanting to help people. Its about HEART. So, your submission must come from the HEART/WISDOM of direct experience.

12/2010: Please forgive my struggle to invent a good formula for advertising prices. I think I've finally got it! ;-)

11/11/2010: An Introductory issue of "The Heart Bud" has been planted in the Bedford/Goffstown, NH area and is getting great responses from those who've read it. Some call it, "Very insightful." Others have said, "I love it" or "This will really help a lot of people" or "Its very heart touching. . ." and the heart of The Heart Bud is hopeful for a blooming future. :-)

A heart felt THANK YOU to all who supported this printing.

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