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The Heart Bud rises from the ashes of devistation to touch the Heart of humanity.

The Heart Bud is helping humanity through encouraging the support of small local businesses; through encouraging natural herbal and spiritual healing methods; through encouraging the opening of our Hearts to deeper levels of Love for each other; through exposing, and striving to find a remedy for, the criminal use of microwave weapons and remote mind control technologies, which are now being used on countless numbers of unaware individuals, families and communities in the USA as well as globally...etc.

"The Heart Bud" is a unique, free publication, which is written by
the Wisdom of experience. If you read with your Heart you'll See

"The Heart Bud" is a product of Poetic Publications - a registered New Hampshire business.

A few responses by readers of the Heart Bud:

"Very insightful" - "I love it" - "This will really help a lot of people" - "Its very heart touching. . ."

    The Heart Bud grew from a bimonthly publication entitled "The Personal Journal," which I produced from November 2004 to January 2006. In February 2004 I fasted for 11 days in an Arizona desert - praying for answers on what to do with the rest of her life. The answer to my prayers came. . . and I aimed to share the Wisdom of my experiences with the rest of humanity, while being unaware of being targeted by criminals who aimed to prevent my writings.
    The difficulties I still faces are indescribable. As my work got sabotaged, over and over again I have aimed to earn money for my publications through other jobs that were also quickly sabotaged.
    After the Personal Journals were forced into bankruptcy, (in 2005) I produced two issues of "Sharon's Bud" before deciding to remove my name from it and turned it into "The Heart Bud."

     I would prefer to remain anonymous but, due to being targeted, I feel that hiding my identity also hides the crimes that are being committed against me as well as other individuals, whom I know. I continues, against unbelievable odds, to lift my pen, for all of us - for all of humanity. Due to being heavily targeted, I have become homeless and have been producing "The Heart Bud" from the vehicle I now live in, but. . .

"This isn't just about me.
I am merely a tiny sample that I use as an example.
I simply write what I experience and see
With hope for all of humanity. . .myself included."

     I grew up on a farm in New Boston, New Hampshire and have naturally expressed my feelings through writing lyrics and poetry since early childhood. I've written several books, over seventy songs and long to complete a series of children's books, four CDs of my songs and several other projects. My birth name is best not shared. My married name was Sharon Buck. And My pen name used to be Namatari (Namatari Neachi)

     I hope for the targeting to soon end so that I can aim to follow through on the mission I started in 2004 - and use the income from my work, in order to climb back onto my own feet and acquire at least one home that can open its doors to people who are in need of a safe, supportive place to heal/recover from difficulties that are being forced upon us.

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